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परशियन पेंट्स ,एजडी पेंट्स,  कॉम्प्युटराइज्ड  कलर वल्ड ,टॉपसेम पेंट्स ,सिमेंट पेंड्स व सर्व नामांकित कंपनीचे पेंट्स

décor consultancy

Our décor experts study the existing décor and understand requirements in the first visit. In the second visit, the experts then present a solution reflecting your style for key décor element

what is asian paints on time home painting. ​

Asian Paints On Time Home Painting is committed to provide you superfast painting timelines.We Value Your Time. Literally. In case we don’t meet the timelines, you get your money back. Yes, you read it right!
The service is executed by our trained applicators using mechanized tools, giving your room all new exclusive looks and faster results. Your entire painting job is supervised by our trained Associates, who co-ordinate with the painters to ensure On Time Completion!  

colour consultancy

Our colour experts study your existing décor including furniture, lighting, room type, room size, etc. and then suggest personalised themes, colours, wallpapers and textures for your walls.

colour shastra

This unique service features colour combinations and décor tips considering Vastu principles, elements and direction to achieve harmony with the planets and enhance a positive energy flow in your home.


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